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 The Keshe FIREs Project is an idea of Francesco Pandolfi Balbi which was born while he was writing the novel Nothing ever ends (Nulla mai finisce). This idea has evolved in practice becoming the FIRE Project, then became the Keshe FIREs Project after its adaptation to the social order emerging thanks to the Keshe Technology.
If you think it is good, you are free to apply it and develop it in your world.

Progetto FIRE
Make the test (in Italian), see if you are FIRE too!

Ideas and opinions separate people,
good feelings and gratitude unite them and develop abundance.
Thanks also to the knowledge given to us by Mehran Keshe, Humanity is rising again.
The Keshe FIREs Project was created to coordinate this Technology with human consciousness
in order to accelerate the deployment of grace, beauty, harmony and abundance.

Last revised: 24/01/2017

It is under review the possibility of setting up physical mobile reference points and organized groups of people (Keshe FIREs) that can act as horizzontal coordination centers for the transmission, teaching, production and research related to the Keshe Technology and to the increasingly widespread human need to recover the values and the Nature way of being.
Every kind of hierarchy is abolished for the benefit of synergies of all levels.
There is only one Keshe FIREs Association, enrolling at which each member is free to collaborate with one or more local Fires.
Acceptance of entries will be subject to security checks.
Why don’t we try to solve problems and we think to a truly new model? Simply because attention directs the energy and the will: if we think to the problems, we give them energy and reality.


A) Ethical motivation
AA) Objectives and general principles
B) Structure
B-1) General Assembly
B-1.1) The computer voting / assessment system
B-2) Teaching staff
B-3) Emergency Board
C) Activities
C-1) Transmission
C-2) Teaching
C-3) Production and research
C-4) Sale
C-5) Coordination
D) Locations and facilities for the Fires
E) Recommended inner practices

A) Ethical Motivation

Man is the only animal that does not live in tune with the forces of nature.

This dissociation has created a growing proliferation of ideas and preconceptions that lead in separation. Many people are locked up in their own minds, they have lost touch with the Mother of all living beings.

A simple, pure feeling of communion with Creation – come back to emerge thanks to the discoveries of Dr. Keshe – is the basis on which the Keshe FIREs Project rests, an initiative destined to success since it is natural that everybody comes spontaneously to offer their own contribution when they perceive the call of the vital Spirit that unites all creatures.

Keshe FIREs Project intends to give back freedom of expression to people’s unexpressed talents ensuring that they can coordinate their energies and abilities in order to make more pleasant and interesting the existence of all.

We can begin to build again the ‘Company of the future’ basing on good feelings and, above all, on the sense of gratitude toward life that magically soothes all pain establishing a connection with creation and transforms life into an exciting adventure.

We are at the beginning of a new era in which Man returns to be guided by the wisdom of his own feelings.

Into the Keshe Fires we give value and love again to the uniqueness of any living being. We enhance it, we protect it and we never cease to be enchanted in front of his expressions.

We mean to return to lead an emotionally, socially and creatively different life, and also to make better the society and the environment simply coordinating our daily lives as they already are and rediscovering the complicity that instinctively unites anyone who does not accept the growing isolation of Man from the rest of Creation.

The driving force of the project is based on respect and love for life, which are socially expressed in the ethics of reciprocity.

It is based on an underlying emotion, not on mental and ideological elements. Since the beliefs create separation and good emotions create unity, the focus is properly focused on the latter, specifically on those that unite whoever perceives into himself the magnificence of life and feel the constant urge to protect and experience it.

Recognizing ourselves as ideal members of Keshe Fires means continue our existence with the values of everytime and with a lighter heart being finally aware that many small well cared vegetable gardens can compose a unique, wonderful garden. Today we have all the tools to realize it and we must act to restore humanity to its former glory.

The margin of social improvement is unimaginable. In an environment based on good emotions not by rule, but for simple nature, having different ideas does not cause conflicts. It is, however, a precious added value that everyone can use to build evolution.

The differences generate wealth. Therefore it is appropriate to refrain from judging the differences and focus on the best ways to work together to nicely build beauty.

Since the thought and the will change the environment, we have intention to give back impetus to the interiority that gives the evolutionary thrust to the whole Man system: proactive EMOTION.

It is the same component that makes people vital and unpredictable, the source from which enthusiasm, creativity, smile and refusing to accept imposed rules spontaneously flow.

If you work unconditionally for life, you get access to all its strength, and if you find the way to do everything together with the people who you strongly feel like similar to you… how much happiness will you have to contain?!

The goal is ‘to do’ feeling ourselves fulfilled (as children airily do) to develop projects of abundance and beauty, a beauty that will be available to all and at all times will be able to improve our world.

The project is not directed to everyone without distinction. Its first elected interlocutors are those who only giving the best they can give meaning to their lives and always investigate the meaning of existence without ever giving up the visions predigested by the system.

That’s the Keshe FIREs Project reason of being: to regain the enthusiasm and confidence in ourselves and into others, to push LIVING every moment at the most when we are alone and when we join with people who share our same intent… all developing MaGravS technology all over the world with the immediate effect of improving the quality of everyone’s life.

Now that we know how nature works, we can create beauty and harmony, live into them and sow them in the world in a so much more effective way. So cultivate gratitude, think with respect, loving mutation, dedicate to life every gesture and thought can become again a priority for everyone.

We will use the network and technology for organizational purposes: the land on which we want to act is real.

Adhering to Keshe FIREs Project do not give energy to something that belongs to others, it gives it to our own that belongs to everyone. The most unstoppable and undeniable power lives into the feeling of gratitude and belong to life that millions of people experience at this very moment. Go back to the harmony you were part when you arrived in this world!

The idea is simple and effective as a lens (the Project) that concentrates the sun’s rays (the will and the energy that live in all of us) in one burning place (the Keshe Fire, that is to say the beginning of the Society of the future).


Objectives and general principles

A-1. The holographic nature of existence means that each entity with a Conscience contribute along with all the others composing the mosaic of the absolute truth through their own point of view and experience. Each one ‘owns’ a part of it and is free to build it responsibly or replicate it on the basis of external models. The first objective of the Keshe FIREs Project is proposing a return to an autonomous existence managing based on the progressive development of the following elements:

AA-1a) the development of personal experience against mass information (and therefore any type of deployment);

AA-1b) the awareness that life is movement, innovation and transformation, and therefore that most of the judgments based on historical experience may hinder the natural evolution of events;

AA-1c) the conscious, constant and widespread practice of independent judgment and choice;

AA-1d) taking full ownership and responsibility for our own point of view;

AA-1e) trust and synergy between living beings;

AA-1f) the intelligent use of resources, which are dedicated to build new balances instead of trying to counteract the old ones;

AA-1g) the habit of grace, which is experienced when all the human inner components are in harmony and make it simple and enjoyable to take actions that could not otherwise be done.

Our own vital sphere is the only dimension on which everyone has at every moment of their lives full power of perception, judgment and action, therefore is the only one which makes sense to take care of in order to improve the individual condition, that of people that surround us and, consequently, that of the whole. In other words, if everyone thinks only to care of their vegetable gardens remaining intimately connected with Creation, the world tends to become a single, large garden.

We can begin to replace the concept of work with that of role, that has nothing to do with the directives imposed from the outside and can represent the implementation of our choice of life;

AA-2. cultivate and spread the deep respect:

AA-2a) for life, well-being, the pursuit of happiness, the views and ways of expression of every living being;

AA-2b) for the right to reflection, silence and free and weighted use of the widest variety of forms of communication (in honor to the art, ingenuity and diversity that is the mother of all progress);

AA-2c) for the mistakes made by anyone willing to try improving themselves and the world around them;

AA-2d) for any form of communication, which is the manifestation of human power to change the people’s vital sphere.

It has a radical importance to gradually go back to cultivate the habit of lightly ponder thoughts, feelings and emotions by ‘putting them agree’ and emitting as possible clear and consistent signals to the others.

Since the noise inherent in any communication system, the perfection in this sense is impossible. As always, what matters is not achieving the perfect result, but remain in the state of grace that, along the journey of existence, emerges from the steps taken with playful and conscious spirit.

These emissions are the footsteps that we give focus on the skin of life, are our contribution to life.

The system in which we live emits a constant invitation to indolence, yet there is nothing more sacred and important than what – consciously or not – we form in our minds and we project in the world.

That’s why we encourage the attendance of nature and silence in order to recognize the universal model and re-tune on it, maybe coming back to get hold of the forms of communication genetically rooted deeply in man as in many other forms of animal life.

Silence is here understood as respect and care of foresight: in the absence of sound and visual obstacles (these are visual noise for the eyes) you can look very distant and perceive otherwise unreachable shades of reality.

Never before has it been important for humans to perceive their surroundings. This is allowing them to create new balances.

AA-3. The Keshe Fires also are born to create aggregation hubs made available to those who have consciously chosen to take care of thinking and small daily actions; their main objective is still the invitation, addressed to all the peoples of the world, to take action to regain their humanity and to practice these principles in everyday small actions. By managing this intent with intelligence, caution and common sense, it will be able to trigger the spontaneous return to more appropriate values to the natural human psychology and create a widespread push towards harmony.

To go back to the essence, simplicity and naturalness is becoming better and better. This period of crisis and decline offers, among many hardships, concrete help in order to get rid of priorities and habits created by consumerism, to return to more concrete and core values relative to a more suited life to the Man. The basic attitude is moving from rejection to conscious and progressive replacement of the acquired values from the outside with more harmonious positions chosen independently, in collaboration and with responsibility.

Let us remember that thought creates any existing entity and we men think constantly. So, all together, we have the enormous responsibility of running the world.

The induced and/or messy thought spontaneously creates disharmony.

Managed and/or ordered thought spontaneously creates beauty and harmony.

The emotions must be recognized and lived, not suffered.

The reason must be used with intelligence (which is entirely different from it) … not suffered.

B) Structure

The objectives are the dissemination of Keshe Technology and Humanity return to the old state of splendor, all in a fast, comprehensive and ethical way.

In the name of equality and of unassailable by the ‘system’, the structure has essentially horizontal connotations and, where possible, it leaves open the way for more choices.

The organs follow.

B-1) General Assembly

All decisions are taken by majority by the General Assembly of Members (hereinafter called ‘Assembly’), which meets and deliberates physically or remotely through the use of IT tools.

Everyone is equal in the Assembly and the vote of everyone has the same importance any role to be played by Members, even if they belong to the ‘Teaching staff members’ or ‘Emergency Board’.

The Assembly personifies human wisdom exercising the natural principles of majority, equality and balance.

B-1.1) The computer voting / assessment system

In order to effectively and speedly limit the potential damages due to the possible infiltration of disturbing elements (intentional or otherwise, all definible as psychopathic predators) and, in any case, in the name of the inherent wisdom in Humanity, the centralized national computer system that is used to coordinating the decisions of the Assembly will send by e-mail to all members with random intervals an evaluation request (maximum of five features with a score from 0 to 10) of one or more members selected at random from the general list of members whatever is their role in the project (Member, Teacher, Emergency Board Member, Producer, Host, Sales, Coordinator).

All Members will have been duly informed on the centrality of this instrument and the responsibilities that they will exercise using it, remembering them that more the conditions and the people are vital, more quickly they evolve. It will therefore be very important to constantly call the Members to exercise their discretion, taking into account the most recent experience and trying to break away from those chronologically remote, however considering the constructiveness and positiveness of the candidates and not their sympathy.

A system like this perfectly fulfills the task of identifying and expelling the disturbances in a democratic, impartial and impersonal way. Everyone will therefore focus on mutual trust and on the harmony and the beauty that always ensue.

The votes not received have no value. In the case the ratio between the sum of the scores and the number of voters is below a level to be determined, the case will be immediately submitted to the Emergency Board for the revision of the position of the person concerned until the expulsion for the more serious cases.

Every two months the five people who have received the highest ratings in the last six months will be asked to become members of the Emergency Board (see below in section B-3). In case of refusal the request will be forwarded to the following names of the ‘list of quality’.

The practice of this evaluation system will be clearly marked to anyone who requests to adhere the Fire to filter immediately malicious people or those not really willing to act magnetically. Besides this, given the random frequency of evaluation requests, it will be favored to maintain by all the members a constant, positive focus on the aims to be achieved.

B-2) Teaching staff

Deals with spreading knowledge of Keshe Technology and control the quality of the production which is coordinated by the different Fires.

Teachers are trained and operate on the basis of the system devised by Mr Farhad Amini. In addition, given their expertise, they have commissioned to constantly monitor the quality of official Kf devices whose production is coordinated by the different Fires.

B-3) Emergency Board

It is composed of five members elected by the system described in paragraph B-1.1 and takes decisions by majority intervening in support of the Assembly each time this decides to request this.

In exceptional cases it can accommodate, if they deem valid reasons and in any case at the proposal of a minimum of five Members, the request to consult the Assembly through voting / evaluation system on one or more specific persons.

The Emergency Board is the sole and direct contact and the controller of the central computer system and the random evaluation system.

His decision is final and urgent. The five members have a service role and are subject like anyone else in the Assembly’s decisions and in the random feedback system.

C) Activities

C-1) Transmission

The primary role of the Fire is the widespread, constant work of transmission of the values described in Section A with particular reference to the trust in Life and Man. We do not refer to the mere work of ‘information’, the etymology of which is ‘to give form, to give structure to give concept, to give idea‘ because the intention is to stimulate the human independence and creativity, not indoctrination.

Each man let return to choose their own individual reality, give her confidence, take the full responsibility of it and send it into the world rediscovering the universal language of Consciousness well known by all the life forms of creation that are free from the slavery of the mind.

Synergies of all kinds will be naturally fed and will compose a fertile state of inner availability, functional to the fast and widespread dissemination of teaching Keshe Technology.

Vehicles used for the diffusion: demonstration meetings and word of mouth, try outs of the Kf devices and participation to educational courses, balanced use of the normal news channels.

C-2) Teaching

It is structured on the format devised in Germany by Farhad Amini group.

Teachers are subject as any other member to the random use of General Assembly assessment ‘system’ (point B-1.1).

If any, the fees received from the teacher till to the Gold Revolution will be proportional to the quality score detected by the random evaluation system (point B-1.1).

The teacher may not simultaneously serve as a Manufacturer, but may require the Association to be trained, licensed and compensated to control the quality of production that takes place in the Fire that will be assigned to him.

C-3) Production and Research

Anyone who has attended the teaching courses required can, by passing an appropriate exam and using his own structures, begin producing official Kf devices following the official construction methods, entering the production Kf program and marking the product with its own ID.

Approved Manufacturers that will produce official devices by making personal changes will be immediately expelled not because of economic reasons, but because they will potentially act against humanity and unethical having endangering other persons and / or hindered the spread of an already delicate technology that only works if used according to official guidance.

Anyone is invited to experience the Keshe technology wisely and responsibly by testing their ‘deviations’ from the official teachings with prudence and only on themselves before they proceed cautiously to the gift to other people informing them on risks related to the careless use. For this reason, entering the Fire, everyone undertake to never sell their own devices produced independently, but only to give them very carefully.

Such widespread distribution of production (horizontal) involves its unassailability, abundance for the many willing, a fast spreading and independence from the rules of big production.

It remains to assess the impact in terms of organization. It is unthinkable to perform the quality control by asking the manufacturers to send a sample. The Producer will have to be willing to accept at any time inspections by teachers delegate of quality control or, alternatively, sending the whole product to the Foundation who will carry out random checks in place.

Producers are subject to random evaluation system by the General Assembly like any other member (Section B-1.1).

Manufacturers can not simultaneously fill the role of teacher.

C-4) Sale

Till to the Gold Evolution Any Member of Keshe FIREs Association will receive a percentage of sales of devices officially made. Taking an exam the percentage of sales is increased. It might be wise to model on one of the multilevel marketing formats, in which case we will probably need to insert ‘area managers’ coordinating sales perceiving themselves a percentage.

The sale by any person of unofficial devices provides for the immediate and final automatic expulsion from the Association.

C-5) Coordination

In this branch of activity are all the figures that deal with logistics and coordination. Each work according to their abilities and inclinations. The practice of these activities does not provide the inclusion in local or national hierarchies being the only organs provided those indicated in points B-1, B-2, B-3. The organization takes place on a voluntary basis and for the common good.

In case of difficult problems the Fire can still apply to the Emergency Board to appoint, on the basis of quality results collected from the shareholders’ assessment system, somebody within the Fire that has full power to act provisionally to address the specific situation.

D) Locations and facilities for the Fires

If you do not own anything, you do not have to protect anything.

Once again the keyword is horizontality.

Having no binding, interchangeable and property sites (of those who voluntarily choose to put their own structure available to the Fire) allows freedom of movement and rapid changes, so versatility and anonymity.

It is possible to plant fast new Fires at existing accommodations whose owners are sensitive to the mission. In this case the property of the structure allocates and premises free the necessary for the meetings and for the basic operation of the Fire (for other needs it is permitted to agree a fee) reserving any receipts related to the hospitality and services demanded by customers in both days of normal activities and during the courses. In this way, the host entity (hereinafter called ‘Host’) follow their creative and collaborative impulse increasing its turnover and getting free publicity and a rare quality identification.

To all the Host we will strongly recommend the non-use of cadavers and their derivatives for the purpose of feeding people, providing instead to stimulate a culture of quality and respect for life and for themselves. The animal brothers are very often the only link between Man and Creation. Their help is silent as essential: they give us the strength and the knowledge that we would have if we were following the laws of Nature.

It is recommended the use of any official Kf device that produces and improves the quality of food and water. It is in any case advisable the use of live food (raw) prepared in silence and joy.

The host may also fill the role of Teacher or Producer, but can claim no right to exclusivity: other Fires will be born in the surrounding areas if any conditions. It will still be able to request at any time by registered mail the return of premises used by the Fire and the Fire will release them within 30 days of the request.

The premises of the Fire are on the list of Members the same way as any natural person and may be subject to random evaluation system ” by the General Assembly (point B-1.1).

From now on the draft Google translation from Italian continues

E) Recommended inner Practices

Initial elimination from its ‘idea of the world’ of the largest possible number of externally acquired concepts -> rehabilitation of thought through listening to the natural world and one’s reactions to it -> reviewing and possibly re-approval of their most important values -> outlet consciousness that is already ‘OK’ as it is -> beginning of the reconstruction of their point of view.

Respectful sharing of one’s thoughts and most important insights in order to stimulate creativity and collaboration and contribute to the improvement of the community thought. It offers all the best of themselves.

Return to a simple life, providing and encouraging the presence of the only genuinely ameliorative technology to the quality of life. In this sense it would be appropriate to limit any solutions that hinder the natural development of human faculties and abilities and encourage the return to the use of instruments that favor the full viability of the ‘human’ machine.

conscious use of communication and constant commitment in the study and improvement of expressive skills in order to break down the barriers created by the spoken word above all (not the amount, so the quality).

People always understand less and cultivate the quarrel. This trend must be reversed in the name of coexistence and collaboration that, if properly managed, can go back to being pleasant and constructive. The practice of respectful silence and the issue of well-formed sentences and weighted is therefore strongly encouraged.

Man is an animal, the only one that is disconnected from their natural environment. To re-establish and make enjoyable and productive its existence is necessary before anything else to come back to relate easily and effectively with the magic of the world from which it came and to which, willy-nilly, is consistently and firmly tied.

Is practiced observation: the outside world; the thoughts, emotions and inner drives; interactions of external / internal and viceversa. This is the source of information and encouraged, in fact, the only real. Because every human being shall have the same investigative tools (a body and consciousness), in agreement even with quantum physics we can safely claim that all of them are holders of a point of view and no one truth. Our aim is to form ourselves an individual idea (the real one) and responsible for our essence and the world, and it fully assuming our responsibilities.

The only dimension of which we are responsible, in which we can exercise our will to improve the world and in which we can live and grow is, in fact, the living space around us, the kingdom of our expertise on which we can directly intervene. With rare exceptions, the information coming from the external world is useless and counterproductive because it concerns events and foreign entities to our living space and the rose of our potential interactions.

You want to be promoters in the first place of the joy of savoring every nuance in the present and, secondly, of evolution, becoming aware of the context in which you live, evaluating, training to expand in time and their ability to appreciate the purpose space to care with others to make it better. Only in this way it is possible to form a pattern that may prove sensibly feasible outside and only in this way can be useful to life.

All this can be implemented in such a way as not to elicit rejection reactions in the system. It is advertising, but do not do against something: you do in favor of ancient and eternal values, and a sense of belonging to the life that unites almost all human beings. The only element on which, given the times, we feel the need to warn you: renouncing the world of lies, turn off the TV, ignore ‘news’ and other people’s opinions if you do not need to change your reality.

Life does not limit (only the human mind has been trained to do so, but to change lives just reschedule it) in putting resources and energy available to anyone who wants to catch them and finally today we have them in abundance thanks to Dr Keshe.

Each word, as well as all other our event in the world, is sacred: it leaves a trace of what we are changing the environment and the interior of other living beings. Keshe FIREs Project proposes the recovery of this awareness through silence, respect and attention for their demonstrations.

Silence is much more of an escape from the chaos. And ‘the normal state of nature, the only one in which the man returns to perceive the vastness of the world and to identify with it.

If a loud noise is almost impossible to perceive others.

Similarly it happens to the eye: if you’re surrounded by buildings or mountains, your universe shrinks up to choke and the only lifeline to keep in connection with creation is to look at the sky.

Do not think I go back to having an expanded perception of the world as the one you had as a child is very difficult: usually enough to remove the obstacles that are limiting.

Silence, outdoors, willingness to listen: nothing else is to rediscover the magic of our senses and make it the starting point for a return to an ancient human dimension, pleasant and always available.

Silence is the tablecloth on which life-visual equipment its feasts. Man is the only animal that has remained a bit ‘on the edge. Without silence it feels compressed, isolated. That’s why, when we walk in nature, we return to savor its magic.

Man is indeed the sort of summit of this planet, but also a naked ape who lost his lair and is trying to find her.

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